A found poem:

What’s hilarious about covid, whether youre antivaxx, anti-mask, believe its a hoax, believe somehow you’re special and exempt cause 1% and all and no one you know has it…

…Thing is. Whether it’s your family members, loved ones, friends, everyone you interact with even for two seconds, or just someplace you just placed your wee little hand. Whether you’re high up in life or down in the streets. Don’t matter. There’s no hiding from this game. You don’t know how many of them right now are rolling that pair of dice. Over. And. Over. And the funny part. They won’t know if they’ve won.

Just imagine it. You walk in the house. The entire family is sitting at the kitchen table. Rolling dice


Author: Kim K. McCrea

Kim K. McCrea earned her BA in English before embarking on a career in technology and public service. Kim won Oregon Writers Colony 2018 essay award, Treefort’s 2017 Wild West Writing Prize, and was named runner-up in Cutbank 2018 Big Sky/Small Prose contest. Her creative nonfiction is featured in Cutbank, Tishman Review, Cagibi, and elsewhere; she is the author of the novel Pandora's Last Gift. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Kim lives in Oregon, where she studies the moon and stars and wanders with her Labrador in the rain.

5 thoughts on “Basilískos”

  1. Yeah, a queer form of gambling with nothing to take home for winnings. Like that. Cool title too. Turn blind looking at that action.

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  2. Yes, I am familiar with this routine about “I don’t know anyone . . . ” A friend just spoke to her cousin in the UK, back from the pub unmasked and certain he’s perfectly safe because he doesn’t know anyone . . .

    I don’t know anyone who has admitted they have covid-19, but my sister-in-law knows four people who have died. It reminds of the mad cow scare. I heard the same thing, except I knew of three people, one of them a friend, who died of mad cow. Just lucky?

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