The first bowl of strawberries from the garden, before the squirrels pick them, or the deer mice sample mouthfuls of several berries for ripeness, daring Mercy to charge out of the house and catch them. The dog lies out in the sun until it’s too hot, waiting for strawberry thieves, but I think the deer mice creep out in the evening or early morning when she’s dreaming.

The first sugar snap peas came on all at once, white blossoms like moth wings folded around their pods.

There’s so much garden to water. There’s so much to learn about publishing a novel.

Author: Kim K. McCrea

Kim K. McCrea earned her BA in English before embarking on a career in technology and public service. Kim won Oregon Writers Colony 2018 essay award, Treefort’s 2017 Wild West Writing Prize, and was named runner-up in Cutbank 2018 Big Sky/Small Prose contest. Her creative nonfiction is featured in Cutbank, Tishman Review, Cagibi, and elsewhere; she is the author of the novel Pandora's Last Gift. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Kim lives in Oregon, where she studies the moon and stars and wanders with her Labrador in the rain.

13 thoughts on “Strawberries”

  1. Do you plan on traditional publishing or independent. I self-published (that’s what we called it back then) and the technical steps were brutal. My wife did many of them because I couldn’t understand what the written instructions were telling me to do. The incessant editing wasn’t so bad. Marketing? What’s marketing.

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  2. You and your strawberries are a sight for sore eyes. Your book will certainly be as well.

    I hear you on the book-publishing research. It’s so much doing that requires a different way of thinking altogether from the creative process… something I might like to do for someone else but not for my own work that’s for sure. (Hence, years later, still no book… just a lot of jumbled writing. So I guess that will have to change. :))

    Happy you’re helping light the way, lovely lamp lady. Inspiring as always xoxo

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  3. Novels and Berry picking, oh my! Miss your country tales of the walks by the river and the aging neighbors. Always a treat! Happy spring while it lasts. More fun awaits.

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    1. Thank you, Bill, afraid I’m down the rabbit hole now and haven’t looked up much for other writing. I did just receive my Library of Congress number for the book today and that was thrilling somehow

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      1. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good? That was last week’s mantra.

        Now my mantra is “Everyone publishes a first novel. Or not.”

        Really appreciate you being out there, Bill, and love keeping up with your posts. You’re doing the work of the djinn~

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      2. Lady you are one of my heroes and always will be. So happy our paths crossed. Will support you however I can on your endeavor too! May need the favor myself in the future. Love what you said here.

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