Voyage East

As I soon found, a blog’s chronological structure does not work well to post serial fiction because that is not at all what it was designed for. I was painting myself into a corner faster than usual. I removed the chapters previously published as blog posts and consolidated them all on a single page with a table of contents.

Chapter 3 “Voyage East” is now posted together with the previous two chapters on one page. As I am continuing with this project, I am toying with ideas for a better title, so any clever suggestions are welcome. The current front runner is “Pandora’s Last Gift.” That sounds bodice-rippery enough I suppose.

Author: Kim K. McCrea

Kim K. McCrea attended the University of Oregon’s Clark Honors College, graduating with a BA degree in English. She embarked on a long career in technology and public service before returning to letters. Kim won Oregon Writers Colony 2018 essay competition, Treefort’s 2017 Wild West Writing Prize, and was named runner-up in Cutbank #88 short prose contest. Recent work appears in Cutbank, Tishman Review, Cagibi, and Watershed Review. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Kim lives in Oregon, where she wrangles her Labrador in the rain. Unless otherwise credited, all photographs and images on this site are the original work of the author who retains all rights to their use .

10 thoughts on “Voyage East”

  1. Dense scene-setting there Kim, really like the foundation you’re setting, the rich imagery. Makes me long for being out in the salt air myself! Glad I’m not a Ginger I guess. Not entirely!

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  2. It is difficult to do on this format. I once wrote a six-part short story in serial, and the readers were totally confused. I even tried “this is the next installment of a story, to read the previous chapter click HERE” with the link. Didn’t work any better.

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  3. Kim, I adore your blog. “painting myself into a corner” – the exact words I think to myself so often in my blogging experience here on WordPress. I keep hearing the ghostly voice of my artistic mom (RIP) telling me to keep painting a door, but still. Anyway, your new way of posting the chapters, especially with this bit of process blurb, is so very perfect. And the story!!! Love, love love and want more. Gosh you are a natural. I don’t say that lightly. Not that it needed to be said at all. xoxo

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  4. This is what happened to me with the Harry Potter books. When a new one came out, I couldn’t remember what happened in the last. I read all the books, but didn’t quite get the story. What’s your ultimate goal for this story. When complete, will it be available to read all at once?

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