The Jack this Year

jack-o-lanternJack-o-lantern, Jack-a-glow

Jack of diamonds, Jack of spades

Jack yesterday, Jack tomorrow,

Prince of knaves, Jack of all trades,

Jack o-nine tails, Jack be quick,

Jack jumped over the candlestick,

Jack in the pulpit, Jack in the box,

Blackjack, Hijack, sly as a fox.


Author: Kim K. McCrea

Kim K. McCrea worked as a Systems Analyst in IT for 25 years before returning to literature and letters. Kim recently won the Silver Creek Writers Residency/Treefort Wild West Prize for Creative Nonfiction and was a finalist in Proximity Magazine's 2017 Essay Prize competition. Kim attended the Robert D. Clark Honors College and received her BA in English from the University of Oregon. She lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she wrangles her Labrador and scouts for Great Blue Herons.

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